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Photo of The Complete Negroni Sessions

The Complete Negroni Sessions

The Complete Negroni Sessions includes one bottle of each of the following Negronis. Each bottle is 8oz & serves 3.

Dante's Negroni 8oz
bombay sapphire, campari, martini & rossi vermouth

Chocolate Negroni 8oz
fords, campari, punt e mes, crème de cacao, chocolate bitters

Mezcalito 8oz
hibiscus infused montelobos. contratto aperitif. dolin blanc. cinzano 1757 dry. cherry heering 

Bianco Negroni 8oz
brooklyn gin, quinquina aperitif, alessio bianco, lemon bitters

Lavender Negroni 8oz
fords gin, lavender infused chocci americano, gran classico      

Unlikely Negroni 8oz
cabeza blanco, campari, banana, pineapple shrub, chili, sesame

Old Pal 8oz
wild turkey rye, campari, noilly prat dry vermouth      

Boulevardier 8oz
elijah craig bourbon, luxardo bitter, dolin rouge   

And a complimentary bottle of Perrier, Negroni Sessions ice cube tray (to make the perfect large ice cubes at home), illustrated coasters, matches and our Dante legendary playlist.

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