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News & Events

We believe great bars and restaurants are bigger than the four walls where they stand in. From our humble beginnings in 2015, we always wanted to be able to tell the Dante story and share our ideas, philosophies, and culture with people from all over the world. To that end, Pop-Ups and special events have been an integral part of our business model, creating unique guest experiences that capture the dynamic spirit and ambitious ideas that have been the cornerstone of our success since we opened. Each one is highly curated, executed to our exacting standards and they reflect our relentless pursuit of excellence every day. 

They have also allowed us to travel the world and share our love and energy beyond borders and find a Dante home in the far corners of the globe. Our model has been to develop longer-term Pop-Ups as opposed to one night guest bartending shifts and as such we can create more meaningful and impactful activations that allow us to showcase more of what Dante is about. Below is a list of some of the places that we’ve taken the Dante experience to. If you’d like us to come to your city and execute something that is truly world-class, then we’re all ears!