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Dante's Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Box


Dante's Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Box includes a hand forged silver plated cocktail tray, one bottle of each of the following Valentines Day Cocktails, as well as two beautiful gold rimmed martini glasses, a Dante bar spoon, alongside Dante's Negroni candle.  The perfect choice for any cocktail lover.  Each bottle is 8oz & serves 3

The Rose

Lillet Rosé | Raspberry Eau de Vie | Raspberry | Rose

The Rose was one of THE vogue cocktails of the 1920’s in Paris. It’s also one of our favourite drinks of all time. Classically, it calls for dry vermouth, Kirsch and redcurrant. At Dante, we use Lillet Rosé instead of dry vermouth, raspberry eau de vie instead of cherry (kirsch) and raspberry instead of redcurrant, then garnish with a few drops of rose water on a rose petal. The result is a beautiful, elegant, floral yet balanced drink which is is delicious as it is pretty.

Heart of Gold

Rémy Martin VSOP | Cocchi Torino | Oloroso | Chocolate Bitters | Cocoa

Start with roses, finish with chocolate, as is the traditional valentines way! This is no ordinary chocolate drink, we wanted something that was rich and luxurious, but with a high quality dark cocoa element. All of the spirits are blended together, before the whole drink is infused with Valrhona cocoa nibs.

The cocktail box, includes a Dante ice cube tray (to make the perfect large ice cubes at home), illustrated coasters, matches and our legendary Dante  playlist.

Should you like to place an order for local delivery - please download the Dante NYC app on your smartphone and you can place your order and we will deliver it straight to your door today. For pickup- please go to Dante West Village on the corner of Perry and Hudson, where all of our gift boxes will be available for purchase. 

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