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Dante's Ultimate Holiday Gift Box


Dante's Ultimate Holiday Gift Box includes a hand forged silver plated cocktail tray, one bottle of each of the following Holiday Cocktails, as well as two Reidel cocktail glasses, a Dante bar spoon, alongside Dante's Negroni candle.  The perfect choice for any cocktail lover.  Each bottle is 8oz & serves 3

Gingerbread Negroni 8oz
spiced butter bacardi ocho. cardamero. vermouth blend. campari. buckspice ginger bitters

Toffe Apple Manhattan 8oz
calvados. buttered zacapa/santa teresa. lustau fino sherry. apple caramel. clove

Fireside Old Fashioned 8oz
johnnie walker black. glenfiddich fire & cane. palo cortado. smoked raisin. decanter bitters

Dante's Mulled Cider 8oz
calvados. ron zacapa. apple caramel. apple aperitif. salt. clove bitters.

The cocktail box, includes a Dante ice cube tray (to make the perfect large ice cubes at home), illustrated coasters, matches and our legendary Dante  playlist.

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