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Design your own bouquet with Dante's MIX & MATCH PACK.

It includes 4 different 8oz bottles of Dante´s cocktails. 

Choose your 4 favorites from our Bottled Cocktails list : The Rose, Heart of Gold, Negroni, Negroni Bianco, Chocolate Negroni, Mezcalito, Lavender Negroni, Dante´s Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Our Brooklyn Cocktail, Unlikely Negroni, Dante´s Martini, Upside Down Dirty Gibson, With a Twist, Olivette, Boulevardier or Old Pal.

The pack includes illustrated coasters, Dante ice cube tray, matches and our Dante legendary playlist. 

NB: The Alpine Negroni, Christmas 2020, Gingerbread Negroni, Toffee Apple Manhattan and Fireside Old Fashioned are not included in this pack.


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