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4 bottles of Negroni cocktails
4 bottles of Negroni cocktails
4 bottles of Negroni cocktails

The Negroni Sessions- 4 bottles


The Negroni Sessions includes one bottle of each of the following Negronis. Each bottle is 8oz & serves 3.

Dante's Negroni 8oz
bombay sapphire, campari, martini & rossi vermouth

Chocolate Negroni 8oz
fords, campari, punt e mes, crème de cacao, chocolate bitters

Mezcalito 8oz
del maguey mezcal, martini & rossi ambrato, meletti bitter, cold brew

Bianco Negroni 8oz
brooklyn gin, quinquina aperitif, alessio bianco, lemon bitters

The cocktail box, includes a Negroni Sessions ice cube tray (to make the perfect large ice cubes at home), illustrated coasters, matches and our Dante legendary playlist.

Should you like to place an order for local delivery - please go directly to Dante online ordering (click the second tab of the header on our website) and you can place your order and we will deliver it straight to your door today.

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